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Image by Terren Hurst
"As we come together in one place, one accord, in unity and harmony, something is going to break
over the atmosphere of our nation!"
Dr Brad Norman
Big Ben


The passion translation beautifully describes how the followers of Jesus came together in
Jerusalem to await the promised baptism of the Holy Spirit:

“and all of them were united in prayer,
gripped with one passion [praying with one soul]
interceding night and day”.
Acts 1:14

Becoming gripped by the passion to see revival in our nation will not happen upon us. We
need to stir our hearts and minds in the love of God and desire to see His Kingdom come on
earth as it is heaven. United focused prayer in preparing our hearts to seek a heavenly
visitation and the giving of our lives to becoming the habitation of His glory, only takes place
where the Holy Spirit is given free reign.
This Holy Ghost & Fire gathering at the London ExCel is a holy convocation in our city and
nation to passionately return to God, seeking Him for His will and ways. During the month of
June, we are mobilising believers to pray and intercede for a counter-cultural move of God’s
Holy Spirit in our nation, demonstrating God’s love and power to save, heal and set free.

Praise and Hands Raised


We launch the online prayer initiative on June 11,

starting promptly at 8 p.m. until 9 p.m.

At each prayer session we will have a short
inspirational word to focus us on revival and a touch of God. As this prayer initiative gathers momentum so the
prayer sessions will increase. Our heart is to mobilise our church, city and nation to refocus and return to God,
passionately loving Him and desiring the lost to be saved.

Image by Edward Cisneros

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